Restaurant cocktail bar
Brunch weekends and holidays

Coffee writers restaurant is located in the south of Paris 15th arrondissement.

Its bring your own wine and cuisine apart from other restaurants in the area. Coffee offers a contemporary dining and casual as well as a terrace in the sun. The whole team will be a great pleasure to receive you,

happy hours 16h to 21h

Pint of beer € 5 - Cocktail of the day € 5 -  shots 2€


Smoky Negroni - Hpnotic Rita - mojito - caïpirinha long island - Manhattan - Jäger Bomb - Ginger Smash rum - Blue blazer - Hpnotic Iceberg


Formula for children

Brunch (Sundays and holidays)

Café les écrivains

15 rue des favorites 75015 Paris